ID Card Printers: How to Choose the Right One

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Each business organization has their own printing requirement when it comes to the company ID. The availability of ID card printers not just for big companies has made in-house printing possible even for small and medium size businesses. As much as there is a wide array of ID printers in the market, there is bound to be one that would specifically meet your company requirements. The important thing is to get one that is perfectly right for your company. So how does one get to find the right one?

First is to determine your specific needs in an ID card, which means determining its purpose. Do you want it to serve merely for identification purposes that would necessitate just a photo and a name? If you need more information on the ID that would mean you need both sides of the ID card printed. Now if you need an ID card other than for identification purposes, what additional function would you want your ID card to have? Answering these questions could help narrow down your choices in an ID card printer.

Once you have determined the purpose of your ID, the next thing to do is to check the ID card printer that would match your requirement. A simple identification card would need a single a single monochromatic or colored ID printer. A monochromatic printer would be more efficient to use than a colored one if you only intend to use one color. If you can get a printer that can accommodate both features, it would be best especially if you have plans to incorporate new designs in your ID card in the future. If you were planning to use both sides of the ID card, you would have to opt for a dual-sided printer rather than going for a single sided printer and print one side at a time.

Now for a multi-functional ID card, you can try checking the different features incorporated that would enable for the additional ID function you require. There are various ID card printers perfect for smart cards and even access control cards. You can produce ID cards with an embedded microchip, bar code, or even a magnetic stripe. With these features, you can use the ID to monitor personnel attendance as well as clock in and out time, restrict access to certain areas, and a whole lot of other uses.

You also have to consider if there is the possibility of revising the design and purpose of your ID card in the immediate future especially if you are opting for a simple single or dual-side printer. If you have plans that necessitate on integrating some security features in your ID card like a microchip or a magnetic swipe, it would be best to buy that type of printer. However, do not buy an ID printer with all those different features if you have no plans on using them. Just get the best ID card printer that fit your needs. As there are many models and brands, choose the one that is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

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